Parents are saying this glasses-wearing doll encourages bullying 3 years ago

Parents are saying this glasses-wearing doll encourages bullying

Parents are hitting back at a toy manufacturer for apparently encouraging bullying.

Many parents are furious about a glasses-wearing doll called “4 Eyes High Five” which they say only encourages negativity around people who wear glasses.

The makers of the dolls claim to promote body positivity through their products, however, many parents have complained that the names of the dolls only does the opposite.

The doll is a part of the “Positively Perfect” collection which aims to “encourage girls to embrace their unique qualities”.


However, many parents have been sharing their dissatisfaction with the doll manufacturers as they say they incite many to use the names as insults.

“I loved the name Positively Perfect, then I saw ‘4 Eyes’ and felt shattered. I wear glasses and was called four eyes as a child,” said one mum.

“Can’t people be perfect just the way they are? Be it with glasses, one leg, scars? Who is this doll? Why is it making a statement on who is perfect or not?

“It’s unnecessary and derogatory with very little thought. I’ve tried to educate my daughter that we are all perfect, with a heart and feelings.”

The product has just been rolled out across Australia in Target stores, with the company issuing a statement saying they are reviewing the packaging.

“Our intention in ranging this doll was never to mock or make fun, but rather to teach young children to embrace their differences and be proud.

“We are taking feedback seriously and are working with the supplier to review the wording on the packaging.”