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18th Jun 2016

Parents Urged To Be “Vigilant” Following Two Attempted Abductions in South Dublin


Primary schools in south Dublin are urging parents to be “vigilant” after a man attempted to abduct two children this week.

According to the Irish Independent, two children were approached by a man in a dark car in two separate incidents in Booterstown and Monkstown.

The schools, located in Shankill, reportedly sent text messages to pupils’ parents urging them to be wary.

The parent of one of the children targeted said on Facebook that his nine-year-old son was walking on his own from his grandparents’ house when a man tried to lure him into a car.

The individual was described as being “in his twenties with blonde hair and well-spoken.” Thankfully the child refused to get in and ran back to inform his grandparents of what happened.

It is believed that it was a black car with a 99 registration that was used in the said incidents.