Parents of primary school kids vow to hold off buying their kids smartphones 4 months ago

Parents of primary school kids vow to hold off buying their kids smartphones

30% of eight-year-olds own smartphones.

Parents in a Wicklow primary school have come together to sign up to a voluntary code to hold off on buying their children smartphones until they are in secondary school.

Other schools across the country have adopted this new code too including the 480-pupil St Kevin’s NS in Greystones.

They've completely banned the use of smartphones on their premises during school hours.

However, parents have taken it one step further with this new code, all agreeing not to allow their child to use smartphones until they're in secondary level school.

According to the Irish Independent, a new report from the CybersafeKids charity shows that 30% of eight and nine-year-olds own smartphones, rising to 77% by the time they are 12.

Although, schools and primary school pupil parents are taking on this new code, they are respecting families who feel it's important for their child to carry a smartphone.

These new measures come as parents grow increasingly concerned about the impact the internet has on their children.

Some believe that the unfiltered access kids have to the internet is damaging and should be prohibited until they're older.


Children as young as four and five are said to have smartphones and so the pressure coming from primary school students to own their own phone is significant but these parents are sticking to their guns.

It's not a secret that smartphones and internet use are linked to anxiety and depression among young people.

Not to mention the risk of online bullying and the possible exposure to online predators.

St Kevin’s Parents’ Association chairperson, Phil Moyles said the idea was to reduce peer pressure and to support parents.

He said 85% of fourth class parents have "opted in" to the code.

Erika Clune who is a secondary school teacher and has two children in St Kevins primary school said: "We are in this world and we are not going to be able to bubblewrap our kids.

"At least we could postpone it for the primary school years, and, hopefully, allow children a chance to build more resilience and coping mechanisms."

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