Parents warned about 'disturbing' videos on children's YouTube app 6 years ago

Parents warned about 'disturbing' videos on children's YouTube app

There are fresh warnings for parents to monitor their children's internet usage after 'disturbing' videos started circulating on the children's YouTube app.

The videos show popular children’s cartoon characters like Elsa and Batman tying children up and cutting off each other’s noses with scissors.

One video even goes so far as to show three adults dressed as Elsa, Superman and Spiderman picking up The Joker and banging his privates off a street pole.

“Some very disturbing stuff is getting through the filter,” one concerned parent told The Irish Sun.

“Parents would entrust YouTubeKids to be as safe as CBeebies, but that’s just no the case when anybody can create content.”

The parent went on to say that the volume of ‘inappropriate’ videos on the site make it difficult to flag them with administrators.


“Flagging individual videos through the conventional means in ineffective due to the sheer amount of them. We need these channels taken down completely.

"It’s not child-friendly content and it’s disturbing.”

Cyber safety experts are again warning parents to monitor their children’s use of social media and online platforms.

While YouTube recommends parents flag any videos that cause concern and turn off the search feature on the children’s app.