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07th Dec 2021

Parents warned to never buy these types of Christmas decorations

Trine Jensen-Burke

These type of Christmas ornaments post risk to children

Kids can mistake these for real sweets.

It is the time of year when we all deck our halls and get ready for Christmas.

However, if you are a parent of a young child or children, experts warn you should never decorate your tree with ornaments that look like real sweets or baked goods, such as decorations that are shaped like cookies, doughnuts, candy etc.

In Norway, consumer agency DSB (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) has now advised all retailers to stop selling Christmas ornaments that are shaped like edible treats as, they explain, young children can mistake these for real sweets and they can pose a real choking hazard.

“Many of these products that are available to buy have the exact same shape, colour and size as the real treats they made to look like, DSB writes in a statement.

“This means children can actually be tempted to taste or eat them, and for children under the age of three, this poses a real and serious choking hazard.

As well as being a choking hazard, these ornaments can be made out of materials that contain harmful chemicals that can poison a child if ingested.

Banned in Norway

DSB reports they have banned the sale of these types of ornaments by Norwegian shops and retailers, but warn they are still easily accessible through online and foreign retailers.

They are now asking parents to be vigilant, and not purchase these ornaments at all, as they pose a real threat to toddlers and young children.

“We are calling on parents and other adults to ensure young children are not having access to ornaments of this type,” DSB writes.

“Be aware that while banned for sale in Norway, these products are still available on international websites.”