Paula MacSweeney praises healthcare workers after son is hospitalised with RSV 10 months ago

Paula MacSweeney praises healthcare workers after son is hospitalised with RSV

Paula MacSweeney has opened up about her baby boy's recent hospitalisation.

The mum's son was admitted to Temple Street Hospital with RSV.

Paula MacSweeney said it has been such a stressful and scary week for her family, but took the time to praise the healthcare workers who looked after her baby boy.

The mum explained that it would've been impossible for her family to avoid RSV, especially with cases spiking in Ireland in recent weeks.

She said she has never seen anything quite like the emergency department on a Monday morning.

"Weekus horribilis indeed but we are HOME! I’ll never be able to reply to everyone who sent lovely messages but please know that I appreciate each and every single one.

"I’ve never seen anything like the emergency department on Monday afternoon; hordes of people like myself, arriving with sick children and babies, and staff like Gemma who ran - literally ran - around trying to care for everyone.


"You have my utmost respect, admiration, and gratitude," she shared.

"We hear so much about how poor our health system is but never enough about the people who work tirelessly to care for our most vulnerable," Paula wrote.

She said she will be forever grateful for the 'baby whisperers' as well as the doctors who looked after her son Mac.

"We have a pre-schooler and a toddler as well as a newbie so RSV was something we couldn’t really prevent.

"Our older children know to wash their hands as soon as they come home from anywhere, and never touch Baby MacMac on his hands or face but we can only do so much.

Paula said she feels extremely lucky and thankful to be back home with her family.