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17th Jul 2017

This pee test is sure to encourage you to drink more water

Where do you fall on the chart?

Jade Hayden

Pee test

Our pee can tell us a lot about ourselves.

From breast cancer to bodily toxins to whether we’re pregnant or not, our pee has always been there to give us an indication as to our current health status.

One of the most common things that our can pee can tell us is whether we’re hydrated or not. Judging the colour of whatever’s left in the toilet is a simple enough way to spot if our bodies need to be taking in more water.

And now, a sparkling water company have just made testing our hydration levels even easier.

Bieber drinking water

SodaStream have just released a 50 Shades of Yellow pee chart that’s sure to encourage us all to drink more water.

As we all know, the darker your pee, the more dehydrated you are and the more water you need to be consuming. SodaStream’s pee test has gone one step further and told us all just how hydrated we are judging by the exact shade of yellow our pee is.

They’ve also included some pee-related puns, because why not?

According to the chart, if your pee is coloured between numbers one and 20, you’re pretty well hydrated.

Pee chart

If your pee is looking something more like the shades of yellow between 21 and 40, you should really get some water into you.

Pee chart

And if the liquid exiting your body resembles anything between colours 41 and 50, you are most likely severely dehydrated and need to drink some water ASAP.

Pee chart

SodaStream also included a lot of pee-based statistics alongside their chart – some of which are fairly shocking.

According to the UK based company, over seven million British adults don’t drink at least one glass of water a day. The same survey also revealed that 51 percent of adults drank an alcoholic beverage every day.

As well as this, a quarter of Brits who have been told to drink more water by a doctor have failed to take their physicians advice.

Drinking water

SodaStream released the pee test to encourage more to people to drink sparkling water. According to them, there is no hard evidence to suggest that the fizzy liquid is any less hydrating than its still counterpart.

So, where do you fall on the chart?