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18th Jun 2018

People are slamming Kylie Jenner for her ‘disrespectful’ Father’s Day post

Fans were quick to comment.

Denise Curtin

Kylie Jenner came under fire yesterday for her latest social media post.

Sharing images to her Instagram story and feed, the 20-year-old star shared a collection of pics of her father from her childhood however, the post wasn’t live long until it came under fire from fans who questioned why the star didn’t post any images of her father, Caitlyn, post-transition.

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This is the first post where Kylie’s father features in almost two years, with the last post dated to 2016 and again as a throwback to the early 00s.

Many people speculated that the pair had fallen out in the past three years with Caitlyn in Dublin for the birth of Kylie’s first child, Stormi Scott, and the fact that the pair never are never papped in each other’s presence.

Many people took to the comments section of the post to question the star’s intention.

One fan wrote:

“Just a tad bit awkward that she didn’t post any pictures of Caitlyn… way to be “accepting”. It’s not even a thing about growing up and calling her dad and some sort of comfort, it’s the fact she doesn’t acknowledge Bruce as a woman.”

While another fan wrote:

“Eh, this is rude? Where are all the pics of Caitlyn?”

While others were quick to jump to her defence.

One fan quickly commented:

“I think people should just mind their f*cking business. When your father transitions into a woman then you can decide how you will treat them. I’m so sick of people judging others in situations they don’t know anything about, you’re not walking in their shoes and you have no right to judge unless you are perfect. We all know none of us are.”

Kylie has not responded to the comments.