This episode of Peppa Pig is reportedly brainwashing kids 6 months ago

This episode of Peppa Pig is reportedly brainwashing kids

Do you think this was wrong?

Peppa Pig has been one of the most popular children's TV shows since it first aired in 2004.

But some parents are less than impressed with the beloved cartoon.

They've even gone as far to say Peppa Pig is brainwashing their children.

Yes, you read that right.

A recent episode of the show featured Peppa's health check at the doctor's office.

The lead character has a full health exam during the episode, but parents claimed it was pushing children to get vaccinated.

In the episode, Peppa Gets a Health Check, she gets her height and weight measured. She also gets her temperature checked, her pulse, and even her 'oink' measured.

The doctor asks Mummy Pig if her vaccines are up to date.


She tells the doctor they are and she says, "A vaccination stops you from getting ill."

The episode was then turned into a book titled 'Peppa Gets a Vaccine'.

The book sees Peppa get her first vaccine from the polar bear doctor featured in the show.

The doctor tells Peppa, "Now it's time for your vaccination, do you know why we have vaccinations Peppa?"

She tells the doctor that vaccines "stop us from getting ill, and that helps people around us".

"That's right. Sometimes vaccinations are given as a little spray in your nose and sometimes a tiny pinprick in your arm," the doctor tells Peppa.

Parents are now claiming the storyline is brainwashing their children.

However, others stressed that the story is simply educating children about vaccinations.

Many claimed the show was pushing vaccines, but others said it was simply informing families in a fun and informal way.

One mum said the show is "brainwashing" children. She also claimed it was taking children's innocence away.

Do you agree? Or are these people overreacting?