Phillip Schofield says his relationship with ex-wife is 'not great' 3 months ago

Phillip Schofield says his relationship with ex-wife is 'not great'

He admitted to the affair last week.

Following Phillip Schofield's bombshell interview after stepping down from ITV, he has admitted that his ex-wife Stephanie was furious with him after discovering the news about his affair with a runner.

Speaking for the first time since he admitted to having an "unwise" affair with a young runner on This Morning, the former presenter revealed details about the turbulent time to the BBC and The Sun.

Phillip and his wife Stephanie split after he came out as gay live on This Morning in early 2020, and he has now revealed how angry she was when he admitted to the affair.

Phillip also apologised for the lies he told the people closest to him when it came to the affair and even admitted to the BBC that following this week's news, he has been having suicidal thoughts.

The disgraced star said that his wife of 30 years was furious when he revealed what happened, admitting he called Stephanie to tell her about it. He said: "She got off a plane and I phoned her up and texted saying, "I need to talk to you".

Phillip admitted that he previously denied the rumours to his wife when she first asked him and admitted that his relationship with her is "not great right now".


Recalling Caroline Flack's tragic death in 2020, Phillip said he now understands how she felt during that time and if he had not had the support of his daughters, he would "not be here".

He added: "It is relentless, and it is day after day, after day after day. If you don’t think that that is going to have the most catastrophic effect on someone’s mind… do you want me to die? Because that’s where I am. I have lost everything.”


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