Stop giving your children 'picnics' for the journey home from school 5 months ago

Stop giving your children 'picnics' for the journey home from school

One mum has slammed parents for giving them 'picnics' for the journey home from school.

She explained that she has spotted this trend growing in popularity in recent years, but feels it is a bad call.

She said parents are now giving their children a second lunch for the drive home from school.

But is it really necessary?

The mum said she usually gives her child something small like an apple or packet of crisps on their journey home.

However, other parents have taken this a step further.

"I take one item because he'll be having his dinner about 5pm. Some of the other parents seem to take a picnic. I'm not kidding, a whole bag of food-a sandwich or breadsticks, crisps, oat biscuits, pots of fruit, chocolate biscuits, and a drink."


"My son has snack envy especially if I've had the nerve to bring him an apple. In the summer/if it's ever warm/hot I always take an ice-cold drink as that walk home can take an hour if we take the scenic route.

"Other parents always offer my son something from their picnic as they seem to feel sorry for him standing at the bus stop with them 'starving'.

The mum clarified that the bus journey only takes 10 minutes.

The mum asked if these picnic bags are really needed? Or is it just another parenting trend we've latched onto?

"No one seemed to have any snacks after primary school when I was there. Maybe something small when I got home but generally no."

What do you think?