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23rd Aug 2018

Pink stopped her concert to comfort a grieving child

Melissa Carton


Pink is generally known for being a tough cookie but her Instagram posts about her children so her real soft and maternal side.

Recently while on tour, Pink’s maternal instincts took over during her concert in Brisbane when she stopped everything to comfort a grieving child.


Pink brought the concert to a standstill to hug 14-year-old Leah Murphy who lost her mom Debbie last June.

Both Leah and her mum were huge fans of the singer and had planned to attend the concert together. Leah’s aunt brought her to the concert after her mum Debbie passed away.

Leah held up a sign reading;

“I lost my beautiful Mum last month. I would LOVE a hug … Please!”

The mum of two rushed to comfort the grieving teenager to the surprise and delight of the crowd.

According to The Courier Mail Leah said;

“P!NK read our sign and straight away said ‘where’s Leah?’

She came down the stairs and gave me a big, long hug.
She told me that I looked pretty.

She said ‘oh don’t cry’.

She said that everything was going to be OK. Then she signed my arm and we took a selfie.
It meant everything. It was a dream come true.”

This story is so heartwarming and sweet.

Fair play to Pink for taking the time to look after a fan and helping to make this young girl’s dream a reality.

Just another example of how incredible a mother’s compassion is and how it doesn’t end with the love they have for their own children but any child that they see in need.