A politician has taken the 'mum' or 'mom' debate all the way to parliament 4 years ago

A politician has taken the 'mum' or 'mom' debate all the way to parliament

Which do you say?

Mom or mum?

In fairness, a lot of us tend to say mam so it's probably best that we keep out of this debate altogether.

That being said, the debate is still raging on and has been for years.

Those who say mum are adamant that they're correct and those who say mom are convinced that they're the ones who've been getting it right all this time.

Honestly, there is no right answer - it comes down to where you live and how you were raised, but still, one woman who has taken it upon herself to bring this issue all the way to the parliament is British MP Jess Phillips.


Phillips is from Birmingham, so naturally, she says mom instead of mum, and she would like the record to reflect this when she does.

Often, Jess has said she finds her moms are transcribed as mums and she would like for this to stop.

She explained why on the BBC's Daily Politics Show:

"I’ve had the same thing changed on two different occasions. Because I’m from Birmingham, and when I say the word mom, if I talk about my mom or if I talk about being a mom in the House of Commons, they always write it 'mum.'

"And I am from Birmingham and we spell it 'mom.' And it annoys me every time that they sort of try and sanitise my regional accent.

"And it is not just Brummies. People from the Black Country also call their mums ‘mom’."

So what do you think - does it matter what word someone says or not?