The most popular place in the world to get engaged has been revealed 4 years ago

The most popular place in the world to get engaged has been revealed

Wouldn't be our first choice, but sure look.

Getting engaged is, generally, a happy time.

You're delighted, you're excited, you're safe in the knowledge that the person you're going out with is into you enough to want to spend the rest of their life with you.

An ideal scenario, to be honest.

There are plenty of potential spots you could do it too - the most common ones tend to be over dinner in a nice restaurant, while on holidays, or even just chilling in your gaff.

Some people prefer extravagant displays of affection, others like to keep it lowkey. Each to their own and all.

That being said though, we were fairly surprised when we found out that the most popular place to get engaged was Disneyland Paris.

Really, like... Disneyland?!

Like, we're not going to judge or anything but c'mon lads, just head over for a go on the Indiana Jones ride, you don't have to go getting married.


The most popular destination was discovered by wedding planning website Hitched who browsed Instagram tags such as #bridetobe and #engaged to figure out exactly where most people were popping the question.

Disneyland came out on top, with Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida coming second (shocker), and Centennial Lakes Park in Minnesota coming third.

The Eiffel Tower only came in fourth on the list which is surprising enough to us seeing as you can hardly walk by it without seeing some lad down on one knee.

The full list of proposal spots as compiled by Hitched can be found here:

  1. Disneyland, Paris - one in 500 proposals
  2. Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida - one in 555 proposals
  3. Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota - one in 625 proposals
  4. Eiffel Tower, Paris - one in 679 proposals take place
  5. The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles - one in 1,000
  6. Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge, New York - in joint 6th place, one in 1,111
  7. Niagara Falls, Ontario  - 1 in 1,250 proposals
  8. Walt Disney’s Epcot Park, Florida - one in 1,428 proposals
  9. Big Bear Lake, California - one in 1,666 proposals
  10. Bondi Beach, Sydney - one in 2,000 proposals

Lots of Disney, lads.

Lots of Disney.