Post demonstrates just how badly our Early Years Providers are being paid 1 month ago

Post demonstrates just how badly our Early Years Providers are being paid

This is eye-opening.

One of the big issues that has been back in discussions on the run up to the General Election is affordable childcare and a rise in pay for childcare providers.

In fact members of the Association of Childhood Professionals are planning a protest next month on February 5, just three days before the General Election.

One parent decided to show just how unfair things are for Early Years educators by demonstrating how they actually get paid less than the average babysitter.

The post shared on Guardian Angel Montessori Ballina really brings home how little childcare providers are paid;

"Imagine this… It's a night out, or an anniversary dinner. You get the reliable teenager, who babysits for you. She arrives at 9pm. Your child is already asleep, so she sits by your fire, and watches your TV. You maybe even left her some biscuits and tea/coffee or ordered a pizza. You get back at 12 midnight.

Everything is quiet, and you give her €20 -€ 30 or even more ,plus taxi home. She puts it in her pocket and leaves.. Everyone is happy.

Next morning you take your, now wide awake, 3 year old to Guardian Angel Montessori from 9am to 12pm The teachers are highly qualified and well experienced in childcare and have prepared quality, educational, fun, and interesting activities, having bought suitable equipment, furniture, toys. It is free for you, which is good.

But the government think that fair pay for the owner for the 3 hours is €13 . This does not go into her pocket, as she has to pay qualified staff, rent, heat and light, insurance,and all the other costs of running a pre school. There are strict regulations to be met, which are added to each year. Reams of paperwork to be done. She even has to pay €80 a year to be inspected!! She loves her work, but this is not right.

So when electioneering candidates knock at your door, please point out the absurdity of how a 16 year old, babysitting, gets more for sitting with your child, than qualified professional Early Years Providers and Teachers do, for caring for and educating them at pre school. Raise the ECCE ‘free preschool’ rate!"

According to the trade union SIPTU, early years educators earn just €11.45 on average, well below the living wage.

As well as unfair wages for those providing childcare other issues set to be raised during next month's protest are lack of places available at creches and affordable childcare for parents.