Priest hits out at parents who refuse to pay for baptism 1 week ago

Priest hits out at parents who refuse to pay for baptism

A priest in Belfast has hit out at parents who are having their children baptised but are not leaving a donation for the parish.

Fr. Martin Magill of St John’s Parish Falls Road has said that while he is "delighted" to see parents bringing their children in to be christened, but he is not as happy when it comes to donations being made to the church.

Stressing that the Chruch has bills to pay, according to Newstalk, he told the congregation: "Imagine going to the restaurant afterwards and walking out without giving anything to pay the bill.

"Not that I’m saying we’re charging but I’m also saying the parish has to pay its own bills.

"We’re able to offer this Church because there are people here who give week after week after week to keep this place open and going.

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"So, for those of you who are simply turning up for sacraments and nothing more, you’re able to do that because of the generosity of people here in Church at the moment.

"To my mind, can I say to you, that’s not fair."


Also speaking to the radio station, one woman in Galway said that the church has seen a significant decline in parishioners in recent years and now they are just happy to have anyone come to mass.

"I don’t have a problem with à la carte Catholics,” she told Lunchtime Live.

"I’m very grateful when they do turn up to Church and show that they do appreciate us as best they can."

Úna added that not judging people “would be a big part of my faith” before saying that there may be people attending mass that cannot afford to donate.


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