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23rd Oct 2018

Prince Charles can’t stop beaming in this resurfaced clip of William and Kate’s graduation

This is too sweet.

Denise Curtin

Now there’s a proud dad.

In a resurfaced clip from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s graduation, we cannot help but stare at Prince Charle’s face, who just looks ecstatic the whole way through.

The clip which is from 2005, see’s a young Kate and Will take to the floor of the University of St Andrews to receive their degrees. William received a master’s degree in geography while Kate received the same academic award in art history.

And now, we cannot stop watching this resurfaced clip from their graduation day which was then shared on Instagram. Just look at Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth’s faces as they see both Prince William and their future daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, graduate from college.


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Since posted, royal fans are going gaga for this footage with 140,000 views in two days. Many also believe that this footage shows the royals fondness towards Kate from the beginning.

By the time this graduation took place, William and Kate are said to have been an item for two years.

More of this please. We love royal nostalgia.