Prince Harry apparently tried to date Jennifer Aniston before he met Meghan 1 year ago

Prince Harry apparently tried to date Jennifer Aniston before he met Meghan

... What.

Look lads, we know - Prince Harry has had his fair share of romantic conquests in his life.

And why shouldn't he have? He was a young lad once. He's a handsome guy. He's royalty so you could probably get a fair few perks if you happened to be the woman hanging around him.

May as well, like.

Despite this, it tends to come as somewhat of a mild surprise when we hear about Prince Harry sliding into another woman's texts... primarily because he's a married man with a kid now and that sort of behaviour is years behind him.

There is one Harry text slide that we are more than allowed to be shocked by though, because it's so unexpected, so surprising, and so completely random.

Because it was Jennifer Aniston. And yes, Harry was angling for a date with her.

The sly dog.

Author Ian Halperin, who is writing a book about Jen, said that Harry got the Friends star's number a few years back and proceeded to send her emojis in the hope that she would be as into him as he was into her.

“Harry was infatuated with Jen for years," claimed Halperin. "He told friends she was ‘princess material’. He visited LA and was partying heavily with models there."

“He told a close friend his favourite actress was Jen and got her number. He texted her and sent emojis," he told the Sunday Mirror. 

"One source told me Jen was aware of Harry’s crush but didn’t want to lead him on because of the age difference.”

Sent emojis, eh? Wow, it's a true wonder she didn't fall at his feet.

However, it may simply all be too good to be true because a spokesperson for Jen has seemingly denied the claims and Buckingham Palace has refused to comment.

But what are they meant to say, in fairness?