Prince Harry may lose US visa after discussing his drug taking in book Spare 3 months ago

Prince Harry may lose US visa after discussing his drug taking in book Spare

He revealed that he experimented with multiple illicit drugs including cocaine, magic mushrooms, and marijuana.

Prince Harry could have his US visa revoked after admitting to taking drugs in his memoir Spare which was released earlier this year.

Now, the Director of the Heritage Foundation, Mike Howell wants to investigate Harry's visa application to determine if he lied on the documents or not.

According to The Herald, Mike said: "Prince Harry either lied on his application, which can be rejected over drug use or that he received special treatment as a royal and celebrity, which would be illegal."

The Heritage Foundation is appealing to a US court to unseal Prince Harry's immigration records in the hope that he may get kicked out of the country if found to have lied on his application.

The US Department of Homeland Security has so far refused to release them.

The Heritage Foundation believes there is a clear public interest in the release of these documents to investigate whether or not Harry lied in them.


"Everyone should be treated equality by the law."

Speaking on Talk TV last night was Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation who said their motivation is to determine whether the Duke of Sussex was "transparent" in his application to live in the US.

He said: "We're calling for accountability and transparency. We believe there's a clear public interest in the release of the immigration documents especially in the light of the extensive revelations of illegal drug use in Spare.

"We want to ensure that Prince Harry was honest in his application to the United States and we also want to ensure that there was no preferential treatment given towards him. Everyone should be treated equally by the law."

The organisation says they are very passionate about ensuring immigration documents are correct and are obtained legally.

Prince Harry is a huge public figure over in the US now and has become a household name on both sides of the water.

A poll carried out by Newsweek found that the majority of Americans want to see Harry's immigration documents released and so the Heritage Foundation maintains the stance that there is great public interest behind this.

However, if Prince Harry is found to have lied in his application, his US visa could be revoked and he may need to leave the country.

It's an interesting debate and begs the question - if Harry did lose his right to live in the US, would he even want to return to the UK?


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