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22nd Jan 2020

Prince William shares details of his 2010 marriage proposal to Kate Middleton

Cathy Donohue

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton back in 2010 but we’re hearing new details about it now.

The Duke of Cambridge, aka Prince William, made a speech at a Buckingham Palace reception on Monday evening, marking the beginning of the UK-Africa Investment Summit.

His speech focused on the ties between the UK and Africa and how they were working together for common goals but amidst this came a very sentimental detail.

The royal family are alway stoic and very proper and personal stories or details are rarely used in official speeches.

However, it’s refreshing to see a deviation from this and of course, fans of the couple are only delighted to learn more about how Prince William popped the question.

“When deciding where best to propose to Catherine, I could think of no more fitting place than Kenya to get down on one knee”.

Prince William

Although the couple did chat briefly about their proposal at the time during an interview with journalist Tom Bradby, William didn’t go into much detail about the proposal itself.

It’s thought that the special moment happened at a secluded romantic destination, Rutundu Cabin at the foot of Mount Kenya, to be exact.

Prince William even carried his mother’s stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring in his rucksack for three weeks at the beginning of their holiday, which he spoke out in their post-engagement interview.

According to reports, they left a signed note in the cabin’s guestbook afterwards and judging by Kate’s description of the “warm fires and candle lights”, it was the perfect place for such a memorable occasion.

During William’s speech earlier this week, he made a brief mention of the plans he and his wife have to bring their three children – George, Charlotte and Louis, to Africa. It’s clear that the country means a lot to them both, for multiple reasons.