Princess of Wales reveals she struggled to name her children 11 months ago

Princess of Wales reveals she struggled to name her children

The Princess of Wales was visiting a hospital in Surrey.

The Princess of Wales has admitted it took her quite some time to choose her children's names.

Kate was visiting Royal Surrey County Hospital this week to learn about the hospital's maternal mental health services.

The mum-of-three spoke to both staff and patients during her visit.

Kate was speaking to a pregnant person when they got onto the topic of names.

The expectant mum told her that she already had names picked out.

According to OK!, Kate was impressed by how well prepared the mum was.

She told her, "Everyone already has names for their babies. It took us ages to name ours."


Kate praised the hospital's mental health services during her visit. She said it is so important to focus on mental health during pregnancy.

Alongside a photo of her holding a baby in the hospital, the Princess of Wales said;

"With a focus on maternal mental health, alongside pioneering overnight facilities, Royal Surrey County Hospital ensures women and their families feel safe, and supported and have the best chance of developing those all-important early attachments which are so crucial to ensuring their babies grow and thrive.

"It was lovely to meet some of the new mothers and their babies who are supported by such a brilliant team at the hospital."

The Princess of Wales has three children with Prince William- Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The royals often opt for traditional family names when naming their children. In the past, they often had to seek Queen Elizabeth's approval before naming their children.