Vanessa Hudgens hints at a fourth Princess Switch movie 1 year ago

Vanessa Hudgens hints at a fourth Princess Switch movie

The Princess Switch movies have become a festive favourite.

If like me, you've been glued to every Christmas movie on Netflix then we've got some good news for you.

Star of the popular festive series The Princess Switch Vanessa Hudgens hinted at a possible fourth movie.

The Disney alum said she needs a break from filming the Christmas movies but hasn't ruled out another installment.

Hudgens plays all three lead roles in the film. She stars as Queen Margaret, Princess Stacy, and Margaret’s cousin Fiona.

Speaking about a potential fourth movie, the star told Us Magazine that she needs a break from filming.

"You know, I never want to say never, but I definitely need a break from the amount of work that these movies take."

"They’re so special," she said.

"I love being in everyone’s home for the holidays and knowing that it’s bringing families together," she gushed.


"It just fills my soul with joy. But it’s a lot [of work]," she explained.

“I feel very proud of it. It started from my love of The Parent Trap and now we are on the third.”

If a fourth movie were to happen, Hudgens said she'd love to see her characters become mums.

"I feel like I would just want to skip the [pregnancy] bump part and just be me holding babies, because god, I love babies," she shared.

Sam Palladio, who plays Prince Edward said he hopes a fourth film happens at some stage.

He shared, "I think these movies are about family, love, and friendship, and I think a clear [next] step would be something like [babies]"

You can watch all of The Princess Switch movies on Netflix now.