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11th Mar 2017

“Our priority is to find this baby” – Search continues newborn missing after carjacking

Amanda Cassidy

Four-week-old Siwaphiwe Mbambo was in a car that was hijacked in Durban, South Africa yesterday.

It is believed she is only wearing a white long sleeved vest and a nappy.

Her mum and 8-year-old brother were forced out of their car  – a white Toyota Yaris – at gunpoint at a shopping centre car park.

But the baby was still in the back when the armed attackers fled.

The car was later found abandoned south of the city of Durban.

Local news station, Northglen news reports that security involved in the search, Kyle van Reenen said they are working tirelessly to find the infant:

“Members of the South African Police Services search and rescue unit conducted a search of the dense bush area near where the vehicle was recovered last night with no luck. We are aware of members of the public conducting searches in various areas and we would like to emphasize the importance of concern for personal safety as well as crime scene preservation. The suspects involved in the incident are armed and dangerous. Our priority is to find the baby safe and well”

Meanwhile, this video was posted on the news site’s Facebook page showing the location where the baby was found:

An outpouring of support for the baby’s family is evident on social media with people taking to Twitter to appeal to the attackers to give back the child.

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