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31st Mar 2023

“The biological clock is real”: Priyanka Chopra on freezing her eggs in her 30s

“I wanted to get to a certain place in my career”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has opened up about how she felt after she froze her eggs in her early 30s to continue focusing on her career.

She said she “felt such a freedom”.

Speaking on an episode of the ‘Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard’ podcast, Chopra said: “I tell all my younger friends, the biological clock is real.”

“It gets so much harder to get pregnant after 35 and to carry to term, especially with women that have been working all their lives.

“But science is at such an amazing place right now.”

Egg freezing is an in-clinic procedure in which a person’s eggs are retrieved from their ovaries and preserved for future use. It’s become very popular.

It can cost a lot of money. In the US, egg freezing costs between $6,000 and $10,000.

For Priyanka, freezing her eggs allowed her to continue working while relieving the pressure.


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“It’s the best gift you’ll give yourself”

She said: “I did it in my early 30s. I could continue on an ambitious warpath that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to get to a certain place in my career.

“And I also hadn’t met the person I wanted to have children with or I didn’t see that. That’s anxiety-inducing.”

She said she was 35 and her mum who is a doctor said to just go for it.

Priyanka Chopra said she encourages everyone to do it, especially if they can afford to save for the procedure.

She explained: “It’s the best gift you’ll give yourself because you’re taking the power from your biological clock, and you can work until however long you want.

“Your eggs will still be the same age as when you froze them, for people who want kids.”

The actress opened up and said she’s always wanted kids so this was a great option for her.

She welcomed her first child with Nick Jonas via surrogate in January 2022.