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08th Jun 2020

Public urged to take shorter showers as hosepipe ban introduced in Ireland

Alan Loughnane

Don’t use paddling pools, reuse household water for the garden, and take shorter showers.

Irish Water has confirmed that a National Water Conservation Order, more commonly known as a hosepipe ban, will be in place from Tuesday, 9 June until Tuesday, 21 July.

The ban is blamed on an unusually dry month in May combined with high domestic usage due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Supplies are likely to be under further strain in the coming weeks due to increased commercial demand as businesses reopen.

The Water Conservation Order has been issued in a bid to safeguard water supplies for essential purposes.

The ban prohibits the use of garden hosepipes and other non-essential uses of water by domestic users and commercial premises for non-commercial activities for example watering gardens attached to a business premises.

”Irish Water will continue to analyse water consumption levels nationally while the National Water Conservation Order is in place,” Niall Gleeson, Irish Water Managing Director said.

“It is essential that our water supply is protected if we are to avoid restrictions and outages over the coming weeks and months.

“During this time we are supporting and advising our commercial large water users on their conservation efforts and we are grateful for all of the measures they have taken so far. We are also working with our Local Authority partners and others to ramp up leak detection and repair, particularly in water stressed areas.

“There are lots of helpful tips for conserving water on but the key messages are to leave the hose and the pressure washer in the shed, don’t use paddling pools, reuse household water for the garden, and take shorter showers.

“Safeguarding the supply of water is essential at this time when handwashing and hygiene is of critical importance. We are calling on everyone to play their part.”