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17th Oct 2017

A pug was stolen from a child outside a supermarket in Wexford

Just awful.

Laura Holland

Just awful.

A 10-year-old boy had his pug stolen from him while in Wexford Town. He was outside a supermarket in Clonard on Sunday afternoon when the incident occurred.

His mum, Natalja, got in touch with Beat to explain what had happened and also to appeal to the public for help. She said:

“As I went in to buy food, my son stayed outside the supermarket with the puppy. A male then approached my son, grabbed the pup and ran away in the direction of a petrol station across the road.”

They called the Gardaí, who arrived shortly afterward, and it turns out that this wasn’t the first incident of this nature to be reported in the area.

A post about a missing dog with the same information has been shared on Facebook. It comes from a man called Andrey who shared a picture of the pug in the hopes of finding it.