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19th Mar 2015

Qatar Airways boss publicly shames ‘drunk’ flight attendant

When The Fear is well warranted

A Quatar Airways employee has found herself at the centre of an international media storm after having one too many drinks on a night out.

The woman, who has worked in a senior position in the company for more than nine years, was publicly shamed when vice president of customer experience, Rossen Dimitrov, emailed a photograph showing her drunk and apparently unconscious outside a doorway to other cabin crew.


Under the headline ‘Incident with a CSO’, Rossen sent the following message:



Explaining his decision, Rossen said: “The email was sent to impress on our cabin crew that, to make their working environment as good as it can be, while still respecting the norms and values of the Qatari society in which we work, everyone has a part to play.

A statement from the company kept to a similar line, stating: “In Doha, the consumption of alcohol is not permitted for nationals and, although drinking is permitted for foreigners, being seen to be drunk would be considered highly disrespectful – it would have negative implications for both the individual and those associated with them.”

Commentators have slammed the airline for publicly drunk shaming the woman, who we’re sure is going to need more than a breakfast roll and a can of Coke to get over this particular hangover.