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23rd Apr 2018

QS Lisa from Room To Improve is leaving the show and we’re actually devo

Orlaith Condon

Say it ain’t so.

Quantity surveyor and all-out badass Lisa O Brien is officially leaving Room To Improve and we’re not happy about it.

The RTÉ show is one of the only shows that we actually sit down in front of the telly to watch and now one of the biggest legends on the show is leaving.

Yes, QS Lisa was universally loved for being tough when auld Dermot got carried away.

Walking in mid-project to pull the team on how far over budget they were, Lisa always had the full support of viewers on Twitter.

Well, now it’s on to bigger and better things for the quantity surveyor who is moving to Brifin Homes Ltd to work on high-end residential developments.

“It was my own decision, a very amicable leave. I just have other things I have to get on with now and they need me a bit more than Dermot,” Lisa told FM104 today.

The team behind the show is now looking for a replacement, however, Lisa has some advice for potential candidates.

“You need to be your own person, but you also need to concentrate on doing the job.

“I don’t need to create drama or act – that’s not my forte. If you start acting it’s really apparent, so stick with what you know.”

You heard her.