Quick change in weather due before Christmas day, says Met Éireann 2 months ago

Quick change in weather due before Christmas day, says Met Éireann

Christmas day is shaping up to be quite nice.

With Christmas week upon us it would be nice if we could be assured mild weather to enjoy getting out and about over the holidays.

According to the latest reports by Met Eireann, this just might be the case as both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are set to be mostly dry days.


Tomorrow will be wet and windy in Leinster and Munster but there will be sunny spells in Connacht and Ulster that will slowly make their way southeastwards through the afternoon.

Christmas Eve however is set to be mostly dry with sunny spells with some clouds and possible light showers in the northwest.

There is also not set to be too much cloud on Christmas Eve which is good news for anyone waiting for Santa as he will have a very clear sky drive.


Christmas Day will be cloudy, but mostly dry apart from a little drizzle in the west and north later in the day.

Temperatures are set to be quite mild on Christmas Day too with some parts of the country set to experience temperatures of nine degrees.

Unfortunately the weekend is not shaping up to be quite so nice with wet and windy weather scheduled over Saturday and Sunday, so you might want to plan any outdoor activities for during the week rather than the weekend.

Saturday will be a wet and windy day, with heavy rain extending from the northwest to all areas through the afternoon and evening.

Sunday will be a cold day with sunny spells and wintry showers. The showers most frequent in the north and west.

All week is set to be quite cold going as low as zero degrees so remember to wrap up warm if you are planning on heading out.