Young boy found alive after being trapped in well for four days 1 month ago

Young boy found alive after being trapped in well for four days

He fell down the 80ft well when he was playing near his home.

A young boy has been found alive after he was trapped in a well for four days.

11-year-old Rahul Sahu was trapped in an 80ft well in India.

The young boy fell down the well when he was playing in his back garden.

The rescue operation faced many delays due to bad weather.

Rescuers also faced trouble when poisonous snakes and scorpions emerged during the digging.

They tried to dig a tunnel next to the well so they could pull young Rahul Sahu out.

However, rescue efforts were hindered multiple times.

The young boy is hard of hearing and also has difficulties with speech.


Shortly after 11 pm on Tuesday, rescuers finally pulled Rahul out of the well.

Luckily, the young boy was not severely injured.

When they rescued him, medics immediately treated Rahul on the scene, but he was breathing and alive.

The young boy was carried out on a stretcher.

Rahul was given oxygen and food when he was trapped in the well. Rescuers were able to transport essential items to the young boy.

According to reports, a snake and a frog kept the young boy company during the time he was trapped.

Rahul was stuck in the well for over 100 hours.

He has since been transported to Apollo Hospital in Bilaspur, but he is in a stable condition.

He is currently being treated in ICU, but doctors are feeling hopeful about his recovery.

Over 150 people assisted with Rahul's rescue.

The young boy has been praised for being so brave during such a scary time.

Feature Image: National Disaster Response Force