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03rd Mar 2023

Guests criticise bride for not letting rainbow baby attend child-free wedding

Kat O'Connor

The brother said if his son isn’t invited then he won’t go and gave them an ultimatum.

A bride has come under fire after she wouldn’t let a rainbow baby attending her child-free wedding.

The bride explained that she is getting married in October. Her plan is to have a child-free wedding, but her brother is not too happy with the idea.

“I have a 42-yrs-old brother Paul who’s married but he and his wife suffered from several miscarriages and failed pregnancies during their marriage. They finally were blessed with a son that everyone calls a miracle and a rainbow baby. My nephew is 4-yrs-old and everyone salutes him and treats him as a king.”

The bride explained that everyone turns a blind eye whenever her nephew misbehaves, which results in him often acting loud, destructive, out of control, and is never punished for his behaviour.

She explained that when her brother Paul got his invite he held an urgent family meeting with his sister and her groom-to-be.

He thought his son was an exception.

“I said no and this rule is to be followed by everyone. He argued that I was making a mistake by excluding my nephew. He and mom went on about how he’s a miracle since he’s their rainbow baby/grandbaby then Paul said he had no problem with my wedding being child-free but expects me to make an exception for his son.”

The couple stood their ground and said they won’t be changing their mind.

“Paul was offended and said if his son isn’t invited then he won’t come and gave us an ultimatum to drop out if we don’t edit his invitation. That caused my family to freak out because Paul is the only and oldest sibling I have and they said his presence at the wedding is a must.”

Her parents said the way she was treating her brother and nephew was “appalling”.

“They emphasized how my nephew is special and I should be ashamed to exclude him even when the wedding is child-free.”

Her parents have also said they won’t attend if her brother can’t bring his son.

The bride’s partner believes her family is being unreasonable and disrespectful.

She added: “This morning my aunt and uncle dropped out as well as my other uncle last week. Paul told everyone and they’re supporting him and won’t come unless I make an exception for my nephew but that will upset my guests and they’ll call me a hypocrite.”

“My family has normalized this behavior from Paul and also his wife. Whenever I point out how unacceptable it is to expect everyone to cater to my nephew and his parents, Paul would chime in with “she’s jealous” because he and his wife have a kid while I can’t and don’t.”

Do you think the bride is in the wrong or does she have a point? It is her wedding after all.