Ready, Set, Toddle! Here is how you can get involved in the Barnardos Big Toddle this year 1 year ago

Ready, Set, Toddle! Here is how you can get involved in the Barnardos Big Toddle this year

Celebrating the helpers!

Earlier this week, Barnardos children’s charity launched the 2021 Barnardos Big Toddle, this year supported by baby-food company, Pipin Pear.

The theme of this year’s Big Toddle is Community Helpers, meaning the people who help and support us all in our communities every day, which seem especially poignant given who important these have all been in seeing us through this pandemic.

Taking part in the Big Toddle is easy, and will help raise vital funds in communities across Ireland. Whether you’re a crèche, a parent or a childminder you can organise your own Big Toddle anytime in May or June by registering at

Barnardos currently works with just under 18,000 children and families across Ireland and the funds raised will support Barnardos Early Years services.

Speaking at the campaign launch, Barnardos Director of Fundraising, Mary Gamble said:

“Barnardos Big Toddle is a highlight for us each year; it’s wonderful to see so many children get involved with helping others. Our theme in 2021 is Community Helpers, a way of honouring the frontline workers that continue to support us throughout the Covid19 pandemic. We are delighted to welcome Pipin Pear on board in 2021 as our Big Toddle sponsor. We are so grateful for their support and look forward to our Big Toddle adventure together! I hope you will join us this year, whether it’s a toddle in a crèche or a day of fun out the back garden, it will make a massive difference in the lives of vulnerable children across Ireland.

“Pipin Pear Baby Food are delighted to be the new sponsor of the long-established and much loved Barnardos Big Toddle," Irene Queally, Founder of Pipin Pear said.


"We have seen the impact that this wonderful campaign has had on the lives of vulnerable children over the last 18 years and we are thrilled to be part of this wonderful community of toddlers and wobblers in 2021! We encourage everyone to get involved – from Mums and Dads to crèches and Montessori groups across Ireland - it’s a fantastic opportunity to get children out walking and moving, all while helping others.”

Garda Chris O’Callaghan, Barnardos Community Hero, was also present at the launch.

“I’m thrilled to support Barnardos Big Toddle and am proud of the hard work of all the little fundraisers across Ireland," O’Callaghan explained.

"We began supporting Barnardos throughout the pandemic to ensure the charity could continue to reach those that needed support. Barnardos provides a huge number of services in communities across Ireland, but these can only continue with help from the public."

This year, Barnardos is proud to celebrate 18 years of Toddling which has seen children from crèches, Montessoris, childcare groups, junior schools and families right across the country toddle over 228,740 miles and raise an incredible €3.9million since the campaign began.

For more information or to register for the Big Toddle for Barnardos, supported by Pipin Pear go to