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02nd Jul 2019

The simple reason why hotels prefer to put white sheets on beds

We LOVE going away on holidays (who doesn’t?).

There’s nothing better than jetting away, exploring new places, chilling by a pool and having endless amounts of cocktails.

But one of the best things about heading away is staying in a gorge hotel. There’s the hotel breakfast, the balcony looking out at the sunshine and of course, the bed.

If you’re lucky, your hotel bed will be big and cosy – and you’ll have fresh sheets everyday.

But have you ever wondered why most hotel beds have white sheets?

Emma Hooton, in-house interior stylist at Tielle Love Luxury told Red that it’s because white sheets don’t date… which makes sense.

“Coloured linen not only fades over time, but easily dates and somehow never looks quite as timeless or inviting as fresh white.”

When you think about it, hotel sheets are probably washed more than any other sheets in the world, so the colour would be lost quite quickly.

Emma further explained that white looks best against any backdrop so it doesn’t matter what colour the room is, the sheets will always look good.

“White always forms the perfect backdrop to any other hues or textures in the bedroom. Start with a blank, neutral canvas and work up with a statement headboard and fun patterns or colour popping cushions for a bed you want to dive into.”