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03rd Aug 2022

Rebekah Vardy ‘suffering from PTSD’ because of Wagatha Christie claims

Steve Hopkins

Vardy said she was ‘really worried about my mental well-being’

Rebekah Vardy has detailed the severe impact the ‘Wagatha Christie’ court case against Coleen Rooney has had on her health, saying she felt like “my life was falling apart”.

The 40-year-old last week lost her libel case against Rooney, 36, over a viral social media post the latter sent suggesting Vardy was leaking stories about her to the press. A judge found that Rooney had established the essence of the libel was “substantially true” and branded Vardy’s evidence “manifestly inconsistent… evasive or implausible”, leaving her with a possible £3m legal bill.

Vardy has since revealed she has been hospitalised twice over mental health issues since Rooney first accused her of leaking stories following an Instagram “sting” in October 2019.

The post, Vardy said, led to her being bombarded with nasty messages from trolls and left her feeling like the world was against her. According to reports, Vardy was put on anti-depressants after battling dark and suicidal thoughts, and underwent therapy.

She told The Sun: “I was having serious panic attacks. I had kidney stones which were brought on by stress, and I just felt like my life was falling apart.

“Physically, emotionally, and mentally it was exhausting. It was draining. I had to go to the hospital a couple of times because they were really worried about my mental wellbeing.”

Since the court case, that went to trial in May, Vardy said she thinks she is “suffering with PTSD — I feel physically sick when I talk about the trial and what happened, and I have nightmares”.

Vardy told the publication she is yet to be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but says she will seek more therapy, as the court case has been a “horrible time”.

After the verdict was reached, Vardy released a statement saying she was “extremely sad and disappointed”, as well as questioning the findings of Judge Justice Steyn:

“The judge accepted that publication of Coleen’s Post was not in the public interest and she also rejected her claim that I was the ‘Secret Wag’. But as for the rest of her judgment, she got it wrong and this is something I cannot accept.”

Rooney also released a statement saying she was “pleased” by the verdict and insisting she had “no ill will” against Vardy.

“It was not a case I ever sought or wanted,” her statement read.