Research reveals that children are now reading less than previous generations 5 months ago

Research reveals that children are now reading less than previous generations

This is concerning.

When I was little I was a complete bookworm. Every one knew to buy me something book related come my birthday and Christmas.

That meant that I usually received several bookmarks and book lights in the one go but I used every single one of them. You can never have too many bookmarks.

My children are also big book lovers, to the point that our house in becoming one big library, so I was very surprised to read that this generation of children are reading less than ever before.

Research conducted by National Literacy Trust found that modern day children just aren't as literary loving as their parents or grandparents were as children.

The study found that last year just 26 per cent of children under the age of 18 spent time each day reading. Of those children boys in particular said that they has no interest in reading.

On top of that it also discovered that fewer children than ever before enjoy reading with only 53 per cent of children saying that they actually take pleasure in reading.


So what has caused this drop in interest when it comes to reading and what can we do as parents to help remedy it?

When it comes to reading I think it's very much something where we have lead by example.

Children who are read to or see their parents actively enjoying books will be more likely to choose to read themselves.

Spending a little time each day to read to your children or to discuss books with older children is a great way to keep them interested in literature.

With more and more children taking to tablets and phones for entertainment it's important that we encourage them to keep a love of books in their hearts and make sure that it is passed on to future generations.