The weird reason why there was an empty seat at Princess Eugenie's wedding 3 years ago

The weird reason why there was an empty seat at Princess Eugenie's wedding


Look, we all know that the British royal family are mad for their traditions.

They have to be, in fairness to them - the Queen's the Queen and if she doesn't want you to hold hands in public then you better keep as far away from your husband or wife as possible.

Don't even make eye contact actually. It could be misconstrued as affection.

Anyway, you may or may not have noticed that yesterday when Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank were getting married, there was a notably empty seat beside the pair.

And although one would be forgiven for assuming that somebody simply forgot to take their place in the chapel, that's not what happened.

Rather, that seat had to be left empty because the Queen doesn't want anybody sitting in front of her.

Yes. Really.


According to TIME, it's tradition to leave the seat before the Queen empty at royal weddings so nobody obstructs her view.

Why can't the Queen simply sit in the front row then, we hear you cry.

Why doesn't she just take the best seat in the house, you wail.

Honestly, we don't know - the only plausible explanation here is that she likes to be a bit awkward and, knowing full well that she in fact the Queen, can get away with it.

The same issue arose back over the summer when an empty seat was present for Meghan and Harry's wedding too.

And while people incorrectly assumed that the empty seat was actually a lovely tribute to Princess Diana, it unfortunately wasn't - it was just so Her Majesty could see.