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29th Aug 2022

Young girl rushed to hospital with head injury after freak accident on rollercoaster

Kat O'Connor

Every parent’s worst nightmare.

A young girl has been rushed to hospital after suffering a head injury on a rollercoaster.

The child was injured at a Pleasureland in Southport, Merseyside on August 27th.

According to MailOnline, horrified parents clung on to their terrified children when the rollercoaster broke down. The ride was stuck 20ft in the air for over an hour.

It was also stopped on a bend, which meant passengers were leaning over.

One young girl suffered a head injury during the freak accident. Other children were even seen dangling from the ride after it broke down.

Emergency services rushed to the scene. They transported the young girl to the hospital, but it is believed she is unconscious. However, doctors confirmed she is breathing on her own.

The young girl’s father desperately tried to reach his little girl when the ride broke down.

One dad, who witnessed the incident, told The Mirror that it was shocking to see.

“A young girl who had lost consciousness was the team’s priority”

“We looked up and said “oh my god, it’s stuck all the way around” You could see that it was on an angle and they were all leaning.”

“The parents had hold of the children because they were leaning out of the carriage on the bend.”

An investigation into the incident is now underway. Pleasureland has apologised to the public, including those who were on the ride at the time.

A spokesperson for the fair issued a statement: “We are sorry for the distress caused to passengers on one of our coasters yesterday. Our immediate priority was looking after everyone’s safe removal from the ride.”

“Senior management and maintenance team members are continuing a thorough investigation into carriages stopping on the park’s Rocket Coaster yesterday morning. All routine maintenance checks had been carried out.”

The team stressed that the ride did exactly as it should have and stopped at a “fault”.

They also said nobody was at risk of falling from the ride.

“A young girl who had lost consciousness was the team’s priority, and was immediately checked by ambulance paramedics. That first-response healthcare team was also available to other passengers.”