Royal author warns Prince Harry after divorce rumours emerge 3 months ago

Royal author warns Prince Harry after divorce rumours emerge

Royal author, Angela Levin claims Prince Harry is no longer living in the family home with his wife Meghan Markle.

She believes Meghan is "absolutely separating" from Harry and has been trying to steal Harry's limelight ever since they met.

Appearing on GB News, royal expert Angela explained why she believes their relationship is crumbling.

She said Meghan's plan is to make Harry feel as if he hasn't succeeded and diminish his mental health even further.

Speaking on the evening show, Angela said: "Harry is doing something so negative, that's upsetting and very lowering.

"Meghan is going the other way and going around in gold, wanting a big part in a new film and having a new agent. She is absolutely separating from him.

She claimed, "She hasn't been anywhere where he really needed her to be. He has a mental health issue."

"He needs somebody there to prop him up and anyone would but she keeps away. I think this is the beginning of the end.

Angela has been writing about the Royal Family for years and has attended many big royal events over the decades.


She attended Meghan and Harry's wedding and remembered it being the best day for Britain since the London Olympics.

However, Angela now believes Meghan Markle has an alternative motive and curated a plan to eventually divorce Harry and take custody of their children.

She said: "Meghan is making sure that he's in a hopeless situation so that she can get the children. He's completely isolated. He has got rooms in hotels, he's got one permanently available for him that's quite expensive. He's not in the family house anymore."

The royal author went on to say that she believes Harry "can't take being at home anymore" despite having many spare rooms in their Montecito mansion to reside in.

Although she believes divorce is inevitable for the Sussexes, Angela feels for the Prince.

She said: "It's worrying. I think we'll get a sudden bolt like she [Meghan] did with her first husband. She sent the engagement and wedding ring back to him in an envelope.

"I think Charles is very concerned about him [Harry]. Anyone around him can see that he's not happy and even in the taxi the other week, Meghan was smiling and he looked absolutely terrified.

"He looked sad and very very unhappy. I think his father is very aware of this."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not yet addressed the claims.


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