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23rd May 2018

The royal wedding soundtrack is now available and yes…. it includes Reverend Michael Curry

Relive the day again and again.

Denise Curtin

You can now relive the day again and again.

The Royal Wedding: The Official Album is now available to download on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. The soundtrack which was quietly released after the ceremony includes all the songs and hymns which were recorded live on the day.

From the choir’s chillingly beautiful “Stand By Me”, to Reverend Michael Curry’s expressive address, the 27 track album features it all.

Producer Anna Barry sat down with the Rolling Stone magazine and explained the process in getting the album recorded and released in record time from the chapel to Kensington studio where the finishing touches were applied. She said:

“To start with, the people who were putting together the ceremony and the music — the couple themselves — picked everything. I didn’t talk to them directly, but we were informed what it would be and that was a massive secret.”

According to Barry, the newlyweds also wanted to make sure they had a polished and crystal clear version of every track and hymn for both themselves and the public to remember the day by.

You can download the album here and it will be available on CD and vinyl from June 1.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also made their first public appearance as husband and wife yesterday. The couple attended Prince Charles 70th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace, or more specifically, a garden party hosted by the Queen.

And it is safe to say they look smitten, you can check out all here.