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08th Feb 2023

RTÉ Operation Transformation star starts fertility treatment

Kat O'Connor

“This time next year I’ll be pregnant”

Operation Transformation star Marie Clear is set to start fertility treatment.

She hopes to welcome her first child by next year.

The Operation Transformation leader told The Independent that she has always dreamed about becoming a mum.

“I’m currently single, I do want to meet someone eventually, but my clock is ticking, and I can’t wait.

She said, “It’s something I want to do, and I will be going for a sperm donor.”

“This time next year I’ll be pregnant, hopefully.

“But we just have to wait and see, my fingers are crossed and I’m very hopeful that it will work for me and hopefully I will have my own child.”

She told the publication that she wanted to lose some weight before getting pregnant.

“There are a few things I have to do before I get there so weight loss was one.”

“I’m finally ticking that off, I still have a bit to go but at least I know I’m on my journey to it. I’m getting closer and closer every day.

Marie has Achondroplasia, which is a bone growth disorder.

Doctors at Cork University Hospital told her that “it’s totally possible for me to have kids”.

“My weight would have got in the way; I would have struggled to carry a baby and my back would have struggled so I knew I had to do that first.”