Ryan Thomas slated after sharing "cruel" photo of his family sitting on chained camel 9 months ago

Ryan Thomas slated after sharing "cruel" photo of his family sitting on chained camel

"You should be ashamed"

Actor Ryan Thomas has been slated after sharing a photo from his family's holiday to Abu Dhabi.

The dad shared a photo of him and his two children sitting on a chained camel.

Ryan, his son Roman and 12-year-old daughter Scarlett are all sitting on top of the camel in the photo.

The trio are waving at the camera in the holiday snap.

However, the animal is wearing a chain in the photo, which has naturally caused a lot of outrage.

Many of his followers have said it is shameful to do such a thing to an innocent animal, especially in front of kids.

It is teaching them a bad lesson, his followers stressed.

One user wrote, "Very cruel of them or just uneducated about riding camels."


"Oh no please don’t promote cruelty to these beautiful creatures," another said.

Another urged the dad to educate himself on how these animals are treated.

One warned him, "Those poor camels. You should know better than this and use your public platform to help animals not ride on them.

They added, "You should be ashamed."

One user defended Thomas and said some camels are treated well.

They claimed, "I know there are cases of cruelty and most places just use the camels for tourist money, but sometimes the camels have a really good life!"

"Especially in Dubai, they treat them like royalty and love them the same as they would a horse," the woman added.

The RSPCA has warned tourists, time and time again, to avoid riding camels, horses and donkeys on holiday. Especially if you suspect they're being mistreated or abused.

"It's easy to think that these animals are used to carrying heavier loads but they may be working very long hours without food or water in the heat," they said.