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16th May 2022

Saoirse Ruane’s mum says her daughter has a tumour in her lung

The Toy Show star has a tumour in her lung.

The mother of Saoirse Ruane has given an update after the young girl’s moving Late Late Show appearance.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Saoirse’s cancer had returned.

Her parents have now shared that Saoirse has a tumour in her lung.

The young girl will need to have major surgery to remove the tumour, her family announced.

Saoirse is due to undergo surgery on Tuesday, May 17th.

Her mum wrote, “While in Dublin we were asked to attend a meeting with our team Friday afternoon.

“We didn’t know what we were going to learn but we were hopeful we would be one step closer to a plan. We travelled to Crumlin but attended this meeting without Saoírse, at her request.”

“It was very emotional and hugely intense hanging on every word we were hearing.”


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Her parents then returned to the hotel and “parked what we had learned” at the hospital. They wanted to focus on Saoirse’s special appearance on the Late Late.

Her mum continued, “As with Saoírse’s previous tumour in her tibia, this tumour is rare in its position.”

“It is located in her lung,” she announced.

“As a result of our meeting on Friday Saoírse is to have surgery to remove her tumour this coming Tuesday.”

Saoirse’s parents said the “tears rolled down their cheeks” when the doctors told them the news.

However, they stressed that they have faith in Saoirse’s team in Crumlin hospital.

“We leave them now to take care of our very special girl.”

“This to us is major surgery so we are very frightened. This to Saoirse is ultimately “the fight of her life”.”

We will be keeping Saoirse in our thoughts and prayers as she undergoes surgery this week.