School children horrified after men in clown masks offer them a lift 2 months ago

School children horrified after men in clown masks offer them a lift

The men in the car were wearing clown-like masks.

A warning has been issued to parents after a group of men targeted schoolkids in England.

It is believed the men, who were wearing clown masks, drove up to the children after school.

The children were waiting to be collected by their own parents when they offered them a lift.

The group of men asked if they 'needed a ride'.

The horrified children are said to be pretty upset after the ordeal.

One parent even reported the incident to the police.

This happened outside a school in Newcastle, England.

Police have now launched an investigation as they fear the men may be dangerous.


Parents have been asked to warn their children about the incident. They have also been told to talk to their children about safety and stress that they should never ever get into a car with someone they don't know.

Speaking about the shocking incidents, headteacher Garrett Murray told The Sun that the police have been informed.

Staffordshire Police are currently investigating.

He said: "A number of reports have been received by them regarding a suspicious white van stopping a number of young people in the Wolstanton and wider area."

"A young person was asked if they wanted a ride," he explained.

"Another report suggests that individuals in the van were wearing clown-like masks which also upset and frightened a young person on their way to school."

It is believed that Staffordshire Police will now patrol the local areas surrounding the school during the day.

"I am asking learners, parents, and carers to be vigilant," the headteacher added.

He also urged anyone with information to contact the police immediately. Anyone with information should contact the police as soon as possible.