School 'bans' students from having long fingernails in new uniform guidelines 3 years ago

School 'bans' students from having long fingernails in new uniform guidelines

Parents have slammed a school's big to ban long fingernails as "ridiculous".

Rawlett School in Tamworth, Staffordshire, issued a statement on social media about the new uniform guidelines this week.

Among the rules was the "nail legislation", which stipulated the length and colour of students' nails.

The conditions stated that nails shouldn't be longer than 1.5cm, measured from "cuticle or proximal nail fold" - and that colours should be "neutral or calm".

The guidelines were announced in a Facebook post, which read:

"The vast majority of pupils are wearing their school uniform extremely well and we'd like to thank parents for their continued support.

"Following several discussions with parents we've decided to provide nail legislation to limit conflict and ensure consistency.

"Nails should not exceed 1.5cm in length, as measured from the cuticle, or proximal nail fold. Any colours should be neutral or calm - extremely bright nails should be changed.


"We are currently developing a range of school skirts with a Rawlett logo to ensure consistency. The plan is to offer these to parents ready for September.

"Please bear this in mind when replacing any uniform."

The rules were met with criticism on social media, with parents branding the nail guidelines "silly" and "ridiculous".

One mum wrote:

"What a silly rule about the nail length. Everyone has different size nails - mine are longer than that without any extra nail at the end."

Another wrote:

"Everyones fingers are different lengths. My thumb is 1.5cm to the top of my thumb that's no nail tip. Sorry but thats ridiculous."

Someone else joked:

"I just want to know which poor sod is going to stand at the school gate measuring everyone’s fingernails!"