Schools and colleges to still reopen despite rise in Covid cases 1 year ago

Schools and colleges to still reopen despite rise in Covid cases

The Taoiseach said the return of in-person education is a priority.

Schools and colleges are still to reopen despite the increase in Covid-19 cases in Ireland, a Government source has revealed.

The source told the Irish Times on Sunday that the education sector is "on course" to return to in-person learning later this month, with specific measures being put in place to control the spread of the virus.

Over 1,800 cases were recorded on Saturday and Sunday, marking the highest number since January.

On Sunday, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said that the Government will present a comprehensive roadmap outlining plans to reopen the rest of society later this month.

"Because of the high vaccination rates which will be attained by then, the approach will be different," he said.


He added that the reopening of schools and colleges is a priority.

The source revealed there is "concern but not alarm" about the rise in case numbers, which will see Ireland with one of the highest incidences of Covid in Europe within days.

Between the Delta variant and the easing of restrictions, including the limited return of indoor dining two weeks ago, public health officials had projected a rise in case numbers.

Figures are predicted to peak towards the end of this month.