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17th Nov 2016

Schools To Hold About 25% Of Places For Sons And Daughters Of Past Pupils

Calls for schools to open on Saturdays to make up for lost days

A row has erupted between Human Rights Commissioner Emily Logan and Education Minister Richard Bruton over school admission rules.

Mr Bruton introduced new legislation to the Dáil yesterday that would preserve an entitlement for schools to hold about 25 percent of their places for sons or daughters of past pupils. But Commissioner Logan has told the minister that the proposed legislation raises equality and human rights concerns.

The Irish Independent has reported that the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) has made a detailed submission to Mr Bruton objecting to his proposed changes regarding priority admission.

The IHREC, believe that the exclusion of Traveller, immigrant children and the children of people with disabilities through preferential access for others should be banned. They want the use of past pupil connections for preferred entry to schools to be made illegal.

Emily Logan said that the IHREC was calling on the minister to:

“work to ensure that the final Act provides for equality for students in accessing our education system and respects and accommodates diversity”

Richard Bruton released his letter of reply to Ms Logan yesterday, stating that the new bill:

“aims to strike the right balance between school autonomy and fairness in the education system”

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