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20th Oct 2017

School’s out for the YEAR as mum opts for world trip instead

Louise Carroll

Later school!

Mum Louisa Jones, from the UK, has decided that there are more important things in life than being in the classroom day in, day out and has packed up the family for a world adventure. AMAZING!

Although parents can be fined £60 per child for taking them out of school for lengthy and unauthorised periods of time, the former headteacher of the award-winning Civitas Academy in Reading says ‘nobody cares’… in this case.

She wrote on her blog;

“… as long as you are taken off roll and not causing the school a poor attendance then the school doesn’t mind. In fact, they support some real-life schooling.”

You said it mama. What’s also likely to help the situation is that Louisa will be home-schooling the kids herself, or rather… holiday-schooling.

Louisa who is mum to son Rufus and daughter Katie, probably found herself thinking, ‘surely there’s more to life than just school.’

“Sometimes I question it all. Asking myself ‘Is this just all too much?’

“The roles that are done in school and at home are so blurred and is always debated. Parents thinking – can’t they do that at school and teachers thinking – surely it’s up to their parents…”

Well, Louisa took matters into her own hands, selling and donating all their belongings – even selling the house!

Well she and her husband, plus their babies, have already set off on the family adventure of a lifetime and it looks superb! It’s safe to say these kids are going to have an incredible time AND the family will be making marvellous memories for the next year. Lucky ducks!

So far, they’ve hit Dubai, and are set to mosey on to Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand, Argentina, Costa Rica (hello!) and four months in Canada and the US.

As Louisa said;

“For once, we plan to have no plan.”

Sounds like the ultimate dream.

Images: Louisa’s blog – The Bits Inbetween