Scientists: 'Baby brain doesn't exist' (we beg to differ, buddy) 6 years ago

Scientists: 'Baby brain doesn't exist' (we beg to differ, buddy)

On behalf of befuddled mums everywhere, we beg to differ, but scientists are now claiming that the condition known as 'baby brain' might be a figment of our imaginations. 

Most women report some kind of pregnancy-induced daze when they're expecting, with common symptoms including forgetfulness and reduced ability to focus.


In fact, surveys show that up to four-fifths of pregnant women found remembering phone numbers or speaking about complex subjects became more difficult than it was before they got pregnant.

But according to an article in the latest New Scientist, there is scant scientific evidence that baby brain is actually a thing. The authors believe having children can actually make your brain sharper by boosting your reasoning skills and improving your judgement - and the forgetfulness and brain fog? Most likely a symptom of sleep deprivation.


Previous studies suggest the contrary and have shown the cause could be the fact that pregnant women use the right side of their brains more, while new mothers tend to use the left side to concentrate on bonding with their new arrivals in the early weeks and months.

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