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07th Mar 2017

“Selfie Queen” takes to twitter to blame Madeline McCann’s parents for her disappearance

Amanda Cassidy

It is almost a decade since little Maddie vanished while on holiday with her family in Portugal.

She disappeared while her parents were out for dinner with a group of friends at a restaurant around the corner from their holiday apartment in 2007.

Now, the estranged wife of British MP, Simon Danczuk, has gone on a very muddled rant about little Maddie, blaming her parents Jerry and Kate, for her disappearance.

Karen Danczuk, known as the “selfie queen” for the number of snaps she posted of herself while with her husband, took to twitter with a series of tweets suggesting the 5-year-old’s parents were responsible for her going missing.


She was fiercely criticised by others for her tirade against the McCann’s without any evidence, she also was quick to point out that ” the ones who really suffer from parents mistakes are the children. Trust me I know.”

According to the Metro, a friend of the McCanns described Danczuk as a ‘minor celebrity’, adding:

“People need to remember that the family’s lawyers are kept fully informed of all social media and broadcast remarks which are malicious and libellous.Their representative is fully aware of what Karen Danczuk and others are posting.”