Selling Sunset is getting roasted over a glaring continuity error in season 5 1 year ago

Selling Sunset is getting roasted over a glaring continuity error in season 5

There's too much to take in.

Selling Sunset has had us all gripped since season four arrived on Netflix last week, and with more drama than ever (and more set to come in season five) there's still one thing fans can't get past.

One continuity error has fans going crazy over the new series, and they've had trouble watching it the same way since.

In the first episode of season four, titled Very High Heels To Fill, Jason Oppenheim takes Mary Fitzgerald out to a listing which possible new recruit Vanessa Villela is showing.

Vanessa shows a house on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles, which is a four bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms and is 2,140 square feet at a price of a whopping $10,995,000, but it means there's a $329,850 commission.

The camera shows us a tour of the house, with a television placed on top of a dresser. However, when Vanessa is showing Mary and Jason the home, the television disappears and instead there's an orchid in its place.

The error was spotted by fans of the show on a Reddit thread, with other viewers not being able to unsee it after it being pointed out, saying: "I was too lazy to rewind and confirm (so thanks!!) but yeah I noticed that too".


Another user on the Reddit thread had noticed another thing that didn't sit well with viewers: "Ok, was anyone else equally upset to see the curtain rod not centered properly to the sliding doors or was that just me?"

Someone replied: "Yessss! It bothered me so much!"

One commenter devastatingly said: "why did you have to point this out"

"I didn’t spot this but now I can’t unsee it!!", another added.

This is honestly all we're going to be looking at now.